Neck Exerciser Survey

1. 9 Survey Questions for an affordable neck exercise device

The following 9 questions comprise a survey of an affordable neck exercise device. This is part of a school project to gauge interest in such a product. The survey should take less than 2 minutes of your time. I'm a summer student in the Art Center College of Design's (Pasadena, CA) "Art Center at Night" program. Thank you very much for taking this survey!

Best Regards,

Mike Colangelo
1. Which category best describes you?
2. Which age group do you belong to?
3. Where do you work out? Please select all that apply.
4. Do you exercise your neck muscles on a regular basis?
5. Based on your answer to Question #4, why or why not do you exercise your neck muscles?
6. Which neck exercise equipment do you currently use? Please select all that apply.
7. Would you be interested in a very affordable neck exercise device?
8. What's the most that you'd be willing to pay for an affordable and effective neck exercise device?
9. In order of importance to you, please rate the following neck exercise device attributes:
Very importantImportantNeutralNot at all important
Effectiveness as an exercise device
Ease of use
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