Summer Camp Parent Survey - 2007

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1. Which best describes your child(ren)’s participation in programs prior to summer?
2. How did you learn about High Point’s Summer Camp Programs?
3. How many weeks of camp did you child(ren) attend?
Child 1
Child 2 (if applicable)
4. Please answer the following questions:
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
My child’s camp experience was positive
Summer Camp helped my child develop better social skills
Summer Camp helped my child develop teamwork skills
The number of field trips each week was appropriate (Monday – Library, Thursday & sometimes Tuesday too – main field trip, Friday – Swimming)
My child would like to return to Summer Camp next year
5. Summer camp staff was:
Worked well with my child(ren)
6. After having had my child(ren) attend camp at High Point CC this summer:
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I feel my family is more connected to the High Point Community
I feel my family is more connected to the West Seattle Community
I view High Point CC as a primary place where my family and I will recreate.
7. After my child(ren)’s experience this summer, I am more likely to enroll in future programs at High Point Community Center for:
YesNoNot Applicable
School Age Children
Special Events
8. Overall, I am glad that I sent my child(ren) to Summer Camp at High Point CC
9. Comments or Suggestions:
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