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Please do not use any references, go from memory only.
2. A disc herniation can be the same, or considered part of:
3. A disc herniation is cause by
4. What is the #1 most important factor in MRI's?
5. Filed strength is rated in terms of:
6. An open MRI machine gives the following images related to a closed machine
7. A disc protrusion can be
8. The best time to order an MRI is
9. How any grades of strain/sprain are there
10. In ICD-10, how many grades of strain/sprain to get to choose from?
11. Strain/Sprain is
12. My patient is a 3 year old male., has no history of a complicating diseases. He is in an accident and complains of severe flank pain. Upon palpation, it appears that his ribs are fractured. X-Rays inconclusive. The next diagnostic test of choice for a concusve diagnosis is
13. My patient has tingling in her fingers post trauma. Pending clinical examination, I will consider ordering an
14. My patient has a syrinx in the lower lumbar spine, I will do the follwing
15. My patient has a radiculopathy in the neck and carpal tunnel syndrome, his is called
16. Pre-Existing arthritis has the following effect on a trauma patient
17. When reporting functional loss in my reports, I add
18. Nerve conduction velocity means
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