Anti-Racist Parent Feedback Survey 2009

1. What is your age?
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your "race" or ethnicity? Please check ALL that apply.
4. Are you an adoptive parent?
5. If you are an adoptive parent, was your adoption...
Transracial (i.e. your child's racial background is different from yours and/or your partner's)
6. Is your child multiracial (i.e. of two or more "races")?
7. Do you agree with the following statements?
Strongly disagreeSomewhat disagreeSomewhat agreeStrongly agree
I accept that racial bias is prevalent in our society.
I wish to reduce the negative impact of racism and white supremacy on my child's life.(Regardless of my child's race)
I want to raise children with respect for racial and cultural diversity and equality.
I want to learn how to best nurture children of color.
8. What topics related to parenting and race would you find most useful? (Check all that apply.)
9. What other topics would you be interested in reading about?
10. Is there anything else you think the editorial team at Anti-Racist Parent should know?
Watch for major changes, including more content, new columnists and a NEW NAME--Coming soon!
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