Monroe County Sheriff's Office Civil Division

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1. What type of contact did you have with the Civil Division?
2. Was the employee you dealt with in the Civil Division professional and helpful?
3. If you were a walk-in customer, were you assisted promptly?
4. If you called the Civil Division, was your call answered promptly and efficiently?
5. Was the employee able to answer your questions or explain the procedure to your satisfaction?
6. Were your papers served in a timely manner?
7. If you had contact with a Civil Deputy, was he / she / they courteous?
8. Over all, were you satisfied with the processing of your paperwork?
Very satisfiedSatisfiedNot satisfied at allN/A
Satisfaction level
9. On a scale of one to three, were you satisfied with the way the Civil Division responded to your issue?
Very satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedNot satisfied at all
Satisfaction level
10. Please tell us how we might improve our service?
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