How is doing?

1. Managing LEGO Learning

1. Where do you live?
2. How old are you?
3. With what age group do you work? (Please choose all that apply.)
4. How long have you been teaching?
5. How long have you been teaching with LEGO materials?
6. What subject(s) do you use LEGO materials to help teach? (Choose all that apply.)
7. In what setting do you use LEGO materials? (Choose all that apply.)
8. How many times have you visited
9. Why do you visit
10. If you had an opportunity for your class to contribute to a virtual community, would you take advantage of this feature if added to
11. What content would you like to see added to
12. How easily have you been able to find what you have been looking for on
13. Would you attend an on-line on (Please choose all that apply.)
14. If you are willing to have us contact you with follow-up questions, please fill in your email address.
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