Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. Central Bark Doggy Day Care Customer Satisfaction Survey

We'd like to hear your bark about Central Bark Doggy Day Care.

It is our Pawlosophy to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We want the Central Bark experience to be the best. We strive for your complete satisfaction and value what you have to say. Please share with us.
1. What Facility were you visiting?
2. When was your last visit?
3. Who took care of you on that day?
4. How would you rate Central Bark Doggy Day Care? #5 excellent - #1 Unacceptable
5 Excellent4 Good3 Average2 Poor1 Unacceptable
Overall experience:
Greeting when you entered:
Appearance of the Team:
Appearance and Cleanliness of the facility:
Level of knowledge and experience:
Interest and attention to specific needs:
Teamwork and energy:
Attention and sense of urgency:
Product/service selection:
Sincerity of "thank you" and salutation:
5. Would you recommend Central Bark to a friend?
6. Comments/Suggestions:
7. Optional, Who are you? It's optional BUT if we don't know who you are you can't win a prize! It's up to you!
8. Email Address
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