TransLink Satisfaction Survey - Oct 08

1. TransLink Customer Satisfaction Survey

Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry is seeking feedback from TransLink customers on their experience with TransLink on the bus and/or ferry. Thank you for taking a few moments to share your experiences.
1. I generally ride …
2. During a typical week, I ride Golden Gate Transit buses or Golden Gate Ferry:
3. Do you or will you use TransLink on another transit system? (select all that apply)
4. How long have you been using your TransLink card?
5. How satisfied are you with using your TransLink card on Golden Gate Transit buses and/or Golden Gate Ferry? (please choose one)
6. How satisfied are you with the TransLink Customer Service Center?
7. Overall, TransLink’s performance is…
8. Please identify the problem(s) you REGULARLY encounter using your TransLink card: (check all that apply)
9. Please share with us your overall experience using TransLink or any suggested improvements that would make TransLink better meet your needs.
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