TRDL R3 Forum Code 3.0 Behavior Oddities

1. Reported Issue 01: New Pages open in Existing Page/Tab, not New Page/Tab

There are a few behaviors that have been reported to me about either the new TRDL R3 Forum Code 3.0, or all previous iterations of the forum. Please review and answer a few questions for me, so i can try and narrow down the operating conditions and replicate the behavior locally!


Reported Issue 01: New Pages open in Existing Page/Tab not in new Page/Tab as Configured.
1. Do you have your browser configured to open new pages in a NEW workspace rather than in the existing workspace? ie. when on the forum, and clicking on a new page, do you have your browser configured to open the new page in a separate Tab or Window, rather than the current window.
2. If so, does this behavior work properly when on the TRDL R3 Forum?
3. What Operating Systems do you use in which the behavior does NOT act properly, if so?
4. In which browser does the behavior not work properly?
5. Is the browser in which the behavior is not working properly current and updated?
6. Do you use Tabs or Windows? That is to say, do you configure your browser to open multiple tabs within the same window, or to open new windows individually?
7. If running Firefox, which Extensions or Add-Ons do you have enabled?
8. If using Firefox, do you use the Tab Mix Plus add-on, and have it set to control the functionality you desire, ie. to open new pages in windows, tabs, or the existing window as desired?
9. Please attempt to describe the behavior irregularity in your own words. Example:

"I set Firefox up to open new pages in new tabs, but it continues to open in the existing tab, replacing the page I'm viewing."
10. Finally, does the behavior irregularity occur ONLY with the TRDL R3 Forum, or with other sites as well?
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