National Footprint Accounts comments October-November 2007

1. Introduction


Summary of Recommended Updates to the

National Footprint Accounts


Memo for Second Public Comment Period, 2007

October 15, 2007 – November 15, 2007


Prepared by Global Footprint Network’s National Accounts Committee



In preparation for the 2008 release of the National Footprint Accounts, Global Footprint Network’s National Accounts Committee has recommended a series of methodological and data updates to the 2006 National Footprint Accounts. These recommendations were opened to a first public comment period from September 1 through October 1, 2007.


The Committee has responded to all of the comments received during the first public comment period. These responses can be downloaded by clicking on this link. Please contact if you have any difficulties opening or reading this document.


This survey contains all of the original recommendations from period 1 reprinted again for additional comment. The Committee invites comments on its responses posted above, or any additional comments on the original recommendations.


PLEASE NOTE that there has been one important addition to the list of recommendations on the following pages. One comment received during the first period noted that the survey lacked information on a previously endorsed data update regarding the equivalence factors. Global Footprint Network apologizes for this error, as this data update was inadvertently omitted from the original survey.


The Committee would like to specifically invite comments on this recommended equivalence factor update, which has been made available for comment separately on the very next page of this survey. Please contact Global Footprint Network at if you have any concerns regarding the posting of this data update for only a single comment period.

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