Small Business Marketing/Advertising Methods

1. What types of Marketing/Advertising are you currently using or have you previously utilized to promote your business with potential clients/customers?
2. What types of Marketing/Advertising are you considering or interested in exploring to promote your business with potential clients/customers?
3. Which types of Marketing/Advertising programs would you be interested in reading blog articles or listening to free podcasts about?
4. Please provide your email address if you are interested in being notified of new blog articles or podcasts on your Marketing/Advertising areas of interest.
5. If your firm currently or previously has promoted itself via TradeShows and has recently cut back on participation in these events due to costs, please provide company and contact info below to learn about a cost-effective way to continue participation in these events.
6. If your firm would be interested in a FREE consultation to discuss the ways in which various methods of Marketing/Advertising can increase your firm's sales, please provide the Company and Contact info requested below.
7. If you or other members of your firm would be interested in participating in online webinars to learn more about the various methods of Marketing/Advertising identified in this survey, please provide your Company and Contact info below.
8. Are you interested in becoming a member of the Strategic Growth Mobile Club? (members are eligible for discounts, advance notice and priority enrollment in training programs, priority consulting fulfillment, access to Members-only content on our website and more!) If you answer yes, please provide your Cell Phone number below.
Thank you for your participation in Strategic Growth Concepts Marketing/Advertising survey. We appreciate your input.

Please feel free to contact us via our website at if we may ever be of assistance to you or your firm.
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