Faculty Feedback on Library Instruction

This questionnaire will help us assess the value of library instruction sessions and help us make improvements for future classes. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
1. Your name
2. Course Title / Number
3. Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
4. Librarian's Name
5. Librarian's Name (if more than one)
6. Did the quality of the students' library-related work products meet your expectations?
7. Please comment
8. Did the students appear to feel more confident doing research?
9. Please comment:
10. Please comment on whether or not the library instruction session(s) had an impact on the quality of your students' research assignment. Examples of impact might include:
- Evidence of improved critical thinking skills in information selection and use
- Improved quality and relevance of materials cited
- Sources cited correctly
11. Please provide any additional comments on student performance as related to library instruction:
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