UNC Chapel Hill Division of Physical Therapy Advisory Board Alumni Survey

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Fellow Alumni,

In order to better serve you and the UNC-Chapel Hill Division of Physical Therapy’s more than 1,300 other graduates, we would appreciate it very much if you would take a few moments today to complete this survey on your education, continuing education offerings, and future alumni activities.

Although many of the questions may seem personal, we will not know who you are unless you identify yourself in questions 7 and 8, and we will still not include your name in presenting group data.

Thank you for your assistance. Be on the lookout for an article summarizing the survey results in a future issue of the Division’s newsletter.


Sheryl Duke (Class of 1999) and Judy White (Class of 1969)
Co-Chairs, PT Board of Advisors
1. What year did you graduate and which degree did you receive from UNC-Chapel Hill Division of Physical Therapy?
Select the appropriate year and degree from the drop boxes.
2. How connected do you feel with the UNC-CH Division of Physical Therapy?
Not very connectedConnectedVery connected
Please check the appropriate circle.
3. Please rate the quality of education you received at the UNC-CH Division of Physical Therapy.
4. What is your perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the academic program while you were a student?
5. In what areas could the UNC-CH Division of Physical Therapy better serve you? (Check all that apply.)
6. How interested would you be in the following alumni activities? (Please rate each according to the scale provided.)
Not interestedInterestedVery interested
Hearing a guest speaker (Professional in the field)
Hearing a guest speaker (Professor from another university)
Receiving the newsletter
Career fairs
Job listings
Attending regular alumni meetings
Attending social events
Online networking opportunities
Attending face-to-face networking opportunities
Other (please specify below)
7. There is much activity within and about the Division of Physical Therapy. We would love to have you involved. Please indicate your level of interest in assisting the Division with the following activities.
Not interestedInterested Very interestedWilling to volunteer
Advising students about careers
Serving as a preceptor for a student clinical rotation
Recruiting potential students
Serving as a mentor for faculty/student projects
Guest teacher for a PT course in person or online
Providing portfolio development and career consultation
Facilitating interaction between your employer and the Division
Helping your class to raise funds for student scholarships
Helping coordinate alumni events including annual class reunions in Chapel Hill each year
Other (please specify below)
Optional request: If you are willing to volunteer, please provide your name so we can contact you.
8. The Division of Physical Therapy Advisory Board is planning an Annual Alumni Reunion Celebration each year in Chapel Hill. Please indicate your level of interest in the following alumni reunion activities.
Not interestedInterestedVery interestedWilling to volunteer
Alumni class reunion picnic at Bondurant Hall in Chapel Hill
Dinner and formal celebration at the UNC-Chapel Hill Alumni Center in Chapel Hill
Research update
Continuing education course before the alumni picnic
Campus tour including a tour of the Division of Physical Therapy teaching, research, and clinical facilities
Other (Please specify below)
Optional request: If you are willing, please provide your name so we can contact you about the activities that you are willing to volunteer.
9. Are you receiving sufficient communications from the Division?
If you chose "No" above:

I would like to receive communications through
10. What three topics/areas would you like to see covered in future issues of the Division’s newsletter? (Please rank-order your selections from 1 the topic of greatest interest to 3 a topic of interest.)
Alumni profiles
Career advice and information
Division updates
Emerging issues in the field of physical therapy
Faculty profiles
Faculty research
Student profiles
Other (Please specify below)
11. Have you had reunions with your class? How many? If so please describe what your class organized (i.e. party, dinner, cookout, class gift).
12. The Division of Physical Therapy is dedicated to continue to build ties with alumni and encourages alumni relations. What are some concrete ways we can improve on doing this? What sorts of events, projects would you like to see our alumni carry out?
13. We need your input about our Website. Please visit the Division’s website at www.med.unc.edu/ahs/physical/

Can you find the information you need?
What else would you like to see on our Website?
14. What professional organizations are you a member of?
If you chose State Associations:
Please choose a state from the drop box.
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