Recreation, Park,and Tourism Management Advising Survey

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1. Who is your current academic adviser (not internship or PGM co-op adviser)?
2. What is your semester standing?
3. Have you contacted or met with your adviser during the past semester?
*If not please do not answer the remaining questions.
4. During the past semester did your adviser help you plan your schedule of courses?
5. Has your adviser helped you track your progress towards meeting all graduation requirements?
6. Do you consider your adviser to be a knowledgeable source of information for academic programs and policies?
7. If my academic adviser does not know the answer to a question, he/she finds the answer or refers me to others.
8. Overall, I'm satisfied with the quality of my academic adviser's advising.
9. My adviser has been accessible through office hours or by appointment, phone, or e-mail.
10. Use the space below to provide additional comments about your academic advising experience. If you have no comments, please enter "none."
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