Special Events Survey

1. We Value Your Opinion!

The San Luis Obispo Parks & Recreation Department values your opinion on our programs and services. Please take a few moments to give feedback on your recent experience with our department. Thank you for your time.
1. Do you believe the event you participated in was a good value for your money?
2. How was the performance of the staff that you encountered?
3. How was the quality of the event you participated in?
4. How easy was it to register for the event?
5. Were the hours for the event convenient for you?
6. Please rate the cleanliness of the facility where the event was located.
7. How safe was the event for you?
8. How was the customer service that you received?
9. How effective was the publicity for the event?
10. Which event did you participate in?
11. Please tell us what you enjoyed about the program.
12. Please tell us any areas where we need to improve on.
13. Is there anything else you would like to add?
14. Those who respond to the survey will be eligible for a monthly drawing. Please provide an email address where we can contact you if you are a winner.
Thank you again for your time in completing our survey. We hope to see you again!
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