Thank you in advance for taking this brief survey. It should take no more than five minutes to complete and will help us improve
1. How did you find out about Smarthistory?
2. For what purpose do you primarily use the content on the site?
3. How do you usually access Smarthistory resources? (choose up to three)
4. If you are an instructor, do you assign materials from Smarthistory in combination with an art history textbook?
5. If you are a student, do you use materials from Smarthistory for your studying in combination with an art history textbook?
6. If you are an instructor, would you consider using Smarthistory (together with other web resources) without also assigning a textbook? Please explain
7. If you are a student, which do you prefer to use?
8. What type of material do you use from the Smarthistory site? (choose all that apply)
9. In your opinion, the quality of the content on the Smarthistory site is?
10. Do you feel you have benefited from the material on the Smarthistory site?

11. Do you contribute material to the Smarthistory site?
12. If you answered "no" to question 11, what has prevented you from contributing material (articles, images, videos etc) to Smarthistory?
13. Please use this space to send us comments and suggestions. Other than adding more content and more non-Western content (already planned), what can we do to improve
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