Finances and Relationships

1. Finances and Relationships

1. Please enter:
2. On a first date, who should pay?
3. The person who pays for a date should have more control over what events/restaurants the couple goes to.
4. My spouse/significant other knows how much money I earn and how much I have saved.
5. It's only appropriate to share financial information with someone you are having a romantic relationship after:
6. Please tell us briefly about any money-related discussion you’ve had with someone you were dating.
7. My parents have used money to control my decisions.
8. Please tell us briefly about any money-related discussion you’ve had with your parents.
9. My spouse/significant other has used money to control decisions in our relationship.
10. Sometimes it's best to lie to your spouse/significant other about how much something costs.
11. I would be comfortable if my spouse earned more money than I did.
12. Talking about money makes me uncomfortable.
13. Talking about money makes me emotional.
14. Please describe a conversation or fight you’ve had about money with someone you love—and what you learned about yourself or others from the experience.
15. I can talk openly with my close friends about money.
16. I have credit-card debt
17. I have college loans or other school debt.
18. A couple should only have a child when they know they can afford the extra expense.
19. Religious institutions should do more to help young couples understand the challenges of debt, financial planning, etc.
20. How can the Catholic Church serve young-adult singles and young families to help them learn about finances?
21. The current state of the economy has made money discussions with my spouse/significant other more tense.
22. Please share how the latest economic downturn has affected you and your conversations about money with people you love.
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