Single Mother's Survey

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1. The following demographic information is optional.
2. What is the age range of your son(s)? Please check all that apply
3. Below are 5 concerns that have been expressed by single mothers raising boys across the country, and we would like to know what concerns you most.On a scale of 1 to 5 please rate the following concerns. 1 being the least concern and 5 being the greatest concern.
Academic Achievement
Father Involvement
Finding Male Mentors
Peer Pressure
School Environment
Day Care/Child Care
4. Do you feel that your son has a positive male role model? (Ex.Other family members, teachers, mentors,etc.)
5. Are there free or affordable after school activities and resources available for your son in your community? (Recreation Center, Sports Team, clubs, etc.)
6. Do you have free/personal time to do something for yourself (Ex. relaxing, exercise, hobby). If not, how does this effect your daily life?
7. Do you have any concerns about your housing or neighborhood? (Crime, Gang Activity, etc.)
8. What kinds of support/activities would you like to receive from your son's school related to academic achievement?
9. During these troubling economic times are you and your son's basic needs being met? Such as (food, clothes, etc.)
10. How would you rate your son and his father's relatioship?
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