2009 Metro Santa Cruz Goldies

Metro Santa Cruz presents the Goldies 2009 Excellence Awards

Metro Santa Cruz presents the Goldies 2009 Excellence Awards—our annual salute to all the things that make Santa Cruz shine. Step right up and vote right here for your favorites. We’ll announce the results in our March 25 Goldies issue.

THE RULES: Fill out at least 25 items or your ballot won’t count. One entry per person; include your name and phone number, as we may call to verify (we won’t print your info, promise). Also please remember that Red is the upstairs bar and Red Room is the downstairs bar.
The deadline for ballots is Friday, Feb. 27, at 5pm.

WORD TO THE WILY: We catch you stuffing ballots, it goes on your permanent record. Yeah, really. We know people in that office.

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