NICU Reunion

NICU Reunion 09.07.08

We’re thrilled with the overwhelming response we had to our first NICU Reunion. We appreciated everyone’s patience and understanding with the long registration lines. We plan to make adjustments for large crowds at future events.

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1. Did you and your family have a good time?
Not Fun at AllA Little FunFunA Lot of FunBest Time Ever!N/A
Did you and your family have a good time?
2. Please rate the following:
Not Fun At AllA Little FunFunA lot of FunBest Time Ever!N/A
Photo Station
Face Painting
Happy Heart Tattoo
Animal Coloring Board
NICU Isolette Area
Video Storytelling
Map of Distance Traveled
Safari Activity Card
Bubble Machine and Music Area
Zoo Animal Visits
3. Was having your NICU Graduates’ photo placed on the website convenient for you?
4. Would you attend another NICU Reunion?
5. Was Parking Convenient?
6. Where did you park?
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