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1. Have you ever heard of the Small Business Development Center? If not, please register on the last line for our on-line newsletter, and check us out on Facebook, or at www.bizcenter.org.
2. Have you ever used the Small Business Development Center?
3. Did you take a course or have business counseling?
4. If you took a training course or seminar, what was the topic?
5. How did the course or seminar help your business?
6. What course or seminar topic could we offer in the future that would help your business the most?
7. If you had business counseling in the past who did you work with? and in what way did our business counseling help your business?
8. What other business in the area do you think could use our services?
9. To be placed on the RCC Business Development Center mailing list, or to make a business counseling appointment, please provide your name, e-mail, phone number, and mailing address.
10. Additional comments; anything you can say will help us better serve the community in the future, thank you:
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