Edutopia's Digital Generation Project Survey

Thank you for responding to this survey, which will give us valuable feedback about the Digital Generation Project ( It will take only about 10 minutes of your time to answer 12 questions. Your responses will help influence our future media coverage, and we at Edutopia appreciate your assistance.
1. Which section(s) of the Digital Generation Project have you ever visited? (Select all that apply.)
2. Of the section(s) you've visited, which did you find most valuable? (Select up to three.)
3. Which of the following did you view or read? (Select all that apply.)
4. How valuable are each of these to you? Please select "N/A" if you did not view or read the content.
Very valuableModerately valuableSomewhat valuableNot valuable at allN/A
Videos featuring youth
Video interviews with experts
Student Work videos
Digital Youth Q&As
Discussion questions
Sage Advice
More Resources to Explore
5. How useful to you is the content on the Digital Generation Project Web site?
6. How will you use the Digital Generation Project content? (Select all that apply.)
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