Foster City's After School Program

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1. Do you think your child/children would participate in a after school program? (Check One)
2. Do you have a need for an after school program? (Check One)
3. Would your child participate in organized recreation games such as "Capture the Flag"? (Check One)
4. Would you be interested in having your child/children participate one a day a week in a recreational activity if located on school campus or a near by park?
5. Please indicate the days that you would like your child/children to be able to attend after school activities if they were offered in the afternoon after the school day ended? (Check all the apply)
6. Does your child/children participate in Wednesday Enrichment?
7. How would you improve your schools current Wednesday Enrichment program?
8. What type of Enrichment classes would you or your child be interested in? (Check all that apply)
9. What do your children do now after school? (Check all that apply)
10. Please tell us about your experience with Foster City Parks and Recreation.
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