2009-10 MMET Employer Survey

1. Introduction

Please complete this survey to convey your evaluation of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering and Technology (MMET) graduates from Oregon Institute of Technology. This includes students with degrees in the following programs: Mechanical Engineering (ME), Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET), and Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MFG).

Your responses to this survey are an essential part of the ABET accreditation process for our programs. The results will be used to help us review the curriculum for opportunities to better serve our constituents.

We would like you to evaluate graduates who graduated within the past five years.

1. Your name (optional)
2. Business/Organization Name (optional)
3. What is the function of your group?
4. How many OIT MMET graduates have you hired?
5. Please list up to five predominant job titles that OIT MMET graduates (within five years) have and what degree(s) the employee(s) have.
6. The department would like to determine how well our graduates are meeting program educational objectives within five years of graduation. Please indicate how OIT MMET graduates meet your expectations with respect to the following areas.
ExceedsMeetsBelowNot applicable
Success in entry-level positions
Ability to analyze practical thermal systems.
Ability to design practical thermal systems.
Ability to improve practical thermal systems.
Ability to analyze practical mechanical systems.
Ability to design practical mechanical systems.
Ability to improve practical mechanical systems.
Ability to communicate effectively in writing.
Ability to communicate effectively orally.
Ability to communicate effectively using visuals, such as drawings or sketches.
Ability to work well on team-based engineering projects.
7. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements about the professional development activities of MMET graduates.
Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeDon't know
MMET graduates are capable of pursuing professional registration.
MMET graduates usually achieve professional registration.
MMET graduates pursue professional development opportunities.
MMET graduates are capable of pursuing graduate studies.
MMET graduates are capable of participating in research.
MMET graduates are successful participants in research.
8. For the following questions, please be specific, if possible, about which MMET program(s) you are discussing (ME, MET, MFG).
9. The MMET Department is gathering data to determine if there is enough interest to offer a Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MSMFG) by distance education. Students throughout Oregon and the U.S. would be able to complete this degree program entirely by distance education; no on-campus component would be required. Please indicate your level of interest in this degree program by responding to the statement below.
Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeNot applicable
As an employer, I would like my engineering employees to have the opportunity to pursue this degree.
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