1. Rebuilding: Gorilla Users Conference 2009

This is a survey to determine if we should hold Users' Conference as a seminar in Chicago, or online with streaming video. It will also help us provide YOU with the information YOU need. Your help is GREATLY appreciated.
1. Demographic Information
2. Would you be more interested in attending an actual seminar, probably Chicago, October 29-30 (about $1,400 including lodging and meals) or should we hold a 2-day seminar online ($695 for your entire office)?"
3. I have compiled this list of possible topics from Users' Conference Survey #1. Please indicate how interested you would be in each topic. We will build this seminar around what you want to learn.
Forget itLow InterestMaybeThat could workA "Must Include" Topic
Capture All The Assets: An 18 Month Strategy
Identifying and Cultivating the Best Prospects for Strategic Relationships.
Prospecting the Disgruntled Market: Profiting from the Mistakes of Others.
The Fabled HNW Market: Three Alternative Strategies to Capture It.
Making Networking Work: How to Develop and Manage a Personal Network of Future Clients
Prospecting With New Technology: How to Attract People to You with Websites, Blogs, and Social Networking
Managing the Sales Pipeline: All You Need to Keep It Moving
What’s Working Today: Featuring High Producing Gorillas Telling Exactly What They Are Doing to Achieve Results
From Invite to Closing the Sale: Making Workshops Work Today.
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