Trumpeter Swan Survey

1. Trumpeter swan report form

1. Location (name of local area):
2. Miles and direction from nearest town (i.e. 2 miles, west or 4 miles, northeast):
3. Nearest City/Town:
4. County:
5. State:
6. Date:
7. Total number of Trumpeter swans in the group:
8. Total number of cygnets or juveniles (juveniles have grey plumage):
9. Total number of "Marked" Trumpeter swans in the group:
10. Marked bird was seen in association with (check one or more):
11. Habitat type (Please be specific: water body type and size, field crop or pasture type and status, proximity to city or development):
12. Activity of the majority of the flock:
13. Marker codes (type and color):
If no marker, please type none in the first blank.
15. Mailing Address:
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