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1. I've recently changed the color scheme and layout of If you were familiar with the old site desgin do you think the new design is:
2. I've placed a search box at the top left of each page. Have you tried using the search function?
3. Most of the site navigation can be done from the dropdown menus and links which appear at the top of each page. Do you think this navigation scheme is
4. Given that the web is full of sites which offer free photo galleries (e.g. Flickr), would you have any interest in seeing yet another one, this time part of
5. Would you be interested in seeing a classified ads section on the site, mainly for Canon EOS equipment. These would be person-to-person ads. The site would play no role in any transactions other than providing space for the classified ads. Buyer beware!
6. Where do you shop for MOST of your photographic equipment?
7. Which of these retailers would you be most likely to buy from, assuming they all had a similar price on an item?
Amazon.comAdoramaB&H PhotoJ&R PhotoCalumeteBay Seller
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Sixth Choice
8. What's your overall opinion of these retailers, based on personal experience and/or reputation?
Amazon.comAdorama PhotoB&H PhoroJ&R PhotoCalumet PhotoeBay
Very good
Not very good
I've never heard of them
9. Did you know that for purchasers in the USA, offers a 30 day moneyback guranteee, a free shipping option AND a 30 day price match (so that if their price goes down within 30 days of your order, they refund the difference)? [Note - I'm not pitching for Amazon, I'm just wondering how many people are aware of their policies!].
10. Any other comments you'd like to make?
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