Why Do We GIve?

1. Stewardship Survey

Today, we do not understand the financial demographics of our church. Why do we give what we do? Each family has a different reason(s) on how they determine what to give each week. Please fill out this anonymous,on-line survey to help gain some knowledge of our church family. We are not looking for any financial information! This is to only understand what motivates our giving.

**Please note - more than one answer many be chosen for each question
1. Stewardship means:
2. Tithing means:
3. I give financially to the church...
4. In the church we should talk about money...
5. Our annual church giving to support conference, district and worldwide missions and programs is approximately:
6. My reason for giving is:
7. When it comes to church finances, I feel I am:
8. I would like to see more money and time spent on:
9. When it comes to giving, I have:
10. Do you primarily go to the first or second service?
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