HearMe Survey

1. HearMe Survey

Thank you for assisting us by completing this survey. It should take you about 5 minutes to complete. This survey is for research purposes only. The information you provide to us is strictly confidential. You will never be asked to buy anything as a result of your participation.
1. What age demographic do you fit into:
2. You use video conferencing for:
3. Which of the following does video conferencing replace/supplement for you:
4. While using video conferencing, you’ve connected with people in:
5. The largest video conference you’ve participated in consisted of:
6. When video conferencing for business purposes, which of the following have you worn?
7. When using video conferencing to speak with a client or conduct a business meeting, which of the following would you skip:
8. If you’d already agreed to take a sale’s meeting, how would you rather conduct the meeting?
9. Would you feel comfortable “seeing” your doctor through a video conference for a routine check-up?
10. If you’ve used video conferencing for business, have you ever closed a sale or a deal without meeting the customer in person?
11. Have you even been given the option to telecommute via desktop video conferencing?
12. If no, given the option, would you?
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