e-merge mediascape at Birds Eye View 2009

1. Have you tried the e-merge mediascape?
2. How did you hear about e-merge?
Please choose as many as apply.
3. Have you experienced a mediascape before e-merge?
4. Would you describe e-merge as any of the following?
Please choose as many as apply.
5. Did you encounter difficulties with the ipaq/ technology?
6. How did the mediascape alter your experience of the park?
7. Have you watched any of the e-merge walks-films on the website?
8. Would you prefer to watch your film:
Please choose as many as apply.
9. Please rate the project / your experience:
10. Please add any other comments, feedback, development suggestions.
Enter your e-mail address if you would like a reply, and for a chance to win a limited edition (1/10) e-merge print.

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