Cardiac Center Clinician Survey

1. Cardiac Center Clinician Survey

The Cardiac Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is continuing to improve the online experience for referring clinicians and patients. Would you take a few minutes to complete our survey? Your input is valuable and greatly appreciated.
1. What is your profession?
2. At what hospital or facility do you currently work/practice?
3. Have you been to CHOP's Web site ( in the past year?
4. If yes, which of the following sections of the CHOP Web site have you visited? Check all that apply.
5. If this is your first visit to the Cardiac Center site (, please tell us why.
6. What online resources do you recommend to your patients with cardiac conditions?
7. If you recommend non-CHOP Web sites, please tell us which ones they are and why you recommend them.
8. Please rate the importance of having the following content/features on the Cardiac Center Web site.
Very importantImportantSomewhat importantNot very importantNot at all important
Parent resources
How to refer a patient
Program size
Access to patient records
Information on CHOP locations
Clinical trial information
Fellowship information
Program/service descriptions
Continuing medical education (CME)
Volume of surgeries/procedures
Research information
Physician publications
Condition/treatment descriptions
Center news/events
9. Would enhanced online information, Web functions or tools influence your decision about whether or not to send a patient to CHOP?
10. Are there any other thoughts on the site ( or about CHOP that you'd like to share?
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