Reunion 2007 Non-Attendee Survey

Keene State College

We missed you at Reunion Weekend 2007. Please help us to understand why you did not attend, and what we could do to encourage your future participation.
1. What is your class year?
2. How many Keene State College reunions have you attended in the past?
3. Have you attended any Keene State events? (Please check all that apply.)
4. What factors influenced your decision not to attend Reunion this year? (Please check all that apply.)
5. Were you aware that contributions to the annual KSCFund help to defray the cost of services and programs for alumni such as Reunion Weekend?
6. Were you able to make a contribution to the KSCFund this year?
7. Please rate the following communication you received about Reunion:
PoorFairGoodExcellentUnable to Answer
Save the date postcard
Reunion website (
Registration brochure
Class letters/phone calls/emails
Keene State Today
8. What suggestions do you have for improving communication about reunion (e.g. design, timeliness, content, usefulness, ease of use)?
9. What would encourage you to attend Reunion Weekend in the future?
10. Based on your past experience, would you attend a future Reunion?
11. What role do you see yourself playing in your next Reunion?
12. Name
13. E-mail address
14. Home phone number
15. Work phone number
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