THT Reader Feedback Survey

1. Site usage

1. Which of the following best describes how often you visited the site in the past month?
2. How many Hardball Times articles did you read in the past week, not including Fantasy or Live blog posts?
3. When was the last time you accessed a THT stats page?
4. How frequently do you use the following methods to read the Hardball Times?
OftenSometimesOccasionallyNever/Very infrequently
Going directly to the main page
RSS reader/aggregator (ie. My Yahoo, Google Reader, Bloglines)
Links from other sites/blogs
Google or other search engines
5. How frequently do you read the Hardball Times in the following contexts?
OftenSometimesOccasionallyNever/Very infrequently
At work
At home
At school/In class
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