Principal Evaluation

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1. What is your role in the Wilson School Community?
2. The principal seeks input from a variety of sources when making decisions.
3. The principal demonstrates support for teachers as valued professionals.
4. The principal strives to help parents understand and support the school’s basic mission, and to actively participate in its realization.
5. The principal actively promotes a safe and orderly environment in the school.
6. The principal has and communicates the expectation that all students can attain mastery of essential school skills, as outlined in the Utah core curriculum.
7. The principal actively supports appropriate academic instruction for all students including ESL, Special Education, and Gifted & Talented.
8. The principal consistently communicates the expectation that teachers allocate a significant amount of classroom time to high-quality instruction in essential skills, as outlined in the Utah core curriculum.
9. Please identify two areas in which the principal is performing positively.
10. Please identify two areas in which you would like to see the principal improve.
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