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This survey was first posted on April 17, 2008.

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4. Did help you to think more critically, to make better judgments on the subject matter, and/or to see issues in a new light? (click one option only)
5. Did you learn any new facts or information and come away with a deeper understanding of the issue or subject matter? (click one option only)
6. Based on what you learned at, did you change any of your perceptions, feelings, or opinions on an issue? (click one option only)
7. Did you learn any information from that you will probably use in the future? (click one option only)
8. Did your experience at make you want to learn more about any of the subject matter? (click one option only)
9. Did you enjoy your overall experience at (click one option only)
10. What are the reasons for your visit to (check all that apply)
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