Tri-City 20/20 Vision

Share your vision of what our community should look like and how we are going to get there in the next 10 years.
1. In what ways do you participate in the community?
2. To which community do you feel you most belong?
3. What would improve our RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES?
Very importantSomewhat importantNeutralNot important
Competitive rowing teams/local rowing club
Gondola ride from Red to Rattlesnake mountains
Major professional team (Think of Green Bay, pop. 103,000)
Bring in a NASCAR event
More "water play" opportunities in local parks
More instructional and competitive sports programs for adults
Additional playfields for soccer and softball
Regional aquatic center with indoor Olympic-sized pool
Championship golf course with PGA/LPGA event.
Amusement park
4. What vision do you have for the community in the area of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/INDUSTRY/TOURISM?
Very importantSomewhat importantNeutralNot important
Planned neighborhoods so people can live, work and play in one place.
Revitalize downtowns.
Light rail for local use.
Consolidate Tri-Cities
Build another destination shopping mall.
Focus on community safety
Develop a music niche, maybe jazz to go with our wineries (think Nashville or Branson)
Reprocess nuclear waste/ GNEP.
Make WSU Tri-Cities a residential campus with sports teams
Build new nuclear plants
Replace Vista Field with new Coliseum
High speed rail to Seattle/Portland/Spokane
Harness wind/solar energy
5. What vision do you have for the community in the area of RIVERFRONT DEVELOPMENT?
Very importantSomewhat importantNeutralNot important
A safe place for all to swim in the river
Gondola ride over the Columbia River
Beach volleyball courts
Encourage retail and guest services along river
Public docks accessing restaurants/shopping
A spectacular venue to draw BIG name acts
Artificial sandy beaches
Build another bridge
Retain open spaces along river
Bring a water taxi
6. What vision do you have for the community in the area of CULTURAL EVENTS/NIGHT LIFE?
Very importantSomewhat importantNeutralNot important
Hanford Reach Interpretive Center
Wine bars and coffee shops that stay open later
More places to go dancing
Professional acting/opera company
Performing arts center
Create a performing arts high school/college
Club scene that nurtures local music
7. In what ways is the community succeeding?
8. In what ways is the community failing?
9. Fill in your name and number to be entered in a drawing to win an iPod. (Other information optional.)
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