Countdown 2010

Rate your country's performance on the 2010 biodiversity target!

Five years ago, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Heads of State promised to significantly reduce biodiversity loss by 2010. Today, we would like to know from you: How is your country doing?
Your country
Your country will probably reach the 2010 biodiversity target...
Your country’s commitment to the 2010 biodiversity target is...
How’s your country doing with regards to the following issues?
poorlysomewhat poorlymediumreasonably wellvery wellN/A
Species protection
Habitat conservation
Agriculture and biodiversity
Sectoral integration
How much information is available in your country on biodiversity state and trends?
If you could do just one thing towards the 2010 biodiversity target, what would it be?
(Optional) Which stakeholder group would you identify yourself with?
Thanks for participating!

If you have any questions on this questionnaire, feel free to contact the Countdown 2010 Secretariat via or T +32 2 739 0320.
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