Anthropology Graduates

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1. In what year did you graduate from Queens College?
2. Are you male or female?
3. What is your current employment or occupation?
4. What career choices have you made in the past? If you have chosen not to pursue a career or have pursued multiple careers, please described these choices as well.
5. Did your major in anthropology at Queens College influence your career history?
6. If you believe that your anthropology degree influenced your career history, how did it influence your decisions and interests? For example, you could say that you decided to be a stay-at-home father because of an excellent ethnography you read about various child-rearing practices. Or, you could say that because of anthropology, you became interested in everyday life in Asia and chose to pursue a career at a non-governmental organization in Asia.
7. If your degree in anthropology did NOT influence your career history, please describe why you believe it did not.
8. If you were to "do it again," would you major in anthropology again? If not, why not?
9. What advice might you have for students currently considering a degree in anthropology?
10. Please sign your name if you are willing to be contacted by a faculty member of the Anthropology department for a follow-up conversation.
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