Kremp Florist Flower Purchasing Survey

We’re continuing to improve the experience. Please share your comments and ideas and you can win a dozen free roses. Thank you for your business.
1. How did you reach the website today?
2. Were you familiar with Kremp Florist before visiting the site today?
3. How would you describe your purchasing plans today?
4. What is the most important factor for you when you are looking for flowers and gifts?
5. How often do you buy flowers or related gifts?
6. How do you plan your flower and gift purchases?
7. Where else do you /have you purchased flowers and gifts from in the past 12 months?
8. What features or services would motivate you to make all of your flower purchases through Kremp? (list as many as you'd like)
9. What else would you like to tell us about, our products or your online flower ordering needs? (list as many as you'd like)
10. Please enter your email address to be entered in our prize drawing.
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