1. DIGITAL LIFESTYLES: General Access & Use

Digital Birmingham would like to find out about Birmingham citizens' access to digital technologies, use and attitudes and the difference this makes for everyday life in Birmingham - now and in the future. And as such, the extents to which citizens are empowered by their access to digital technologies.

The Digital Lifestyles Survey covers seven themes, the focus of this, the first in the series is, General Access and Use.
1. How many people live in your household in the following age groups?
Number of People
Age 12 and under
13 - 16 years old
17 - 24 years old
25 - 50 years old
51 - 64 years
65 years and over
2. What is the highest education level in your household?
3. Please indicate your ethnic origin (based on 2001 Census with additional categories)
WhiteMixedAsianBlack or Black BritishChinese & other ethnic groups
Please select one:
4. Which digital devices do you use at HOME?
5. Which digital devices do you use at WORK/SCHOOL/COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY?
6. What MOBILE digital devices do you currently own?
7. Which features do you use the most on your mobile phone?
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