ADE Toolkit User Feedback Survey

Please take 5 minutes and complete this survey. Your feedback will help us make the Toolkit a more useful resource for AIMS Intervention and Dropout Prevention programs.
1. Tell us what you do in relation to AIMS Implementation and Dropout Prevention (you can select more than one)
2. What was your reason for using the toolkit?
3. What was your primary purpose for using the Toolkit?
4. Which part of the Toolkit did you look at or try to use? (check all that apply)
5. How useful do you think the information in the Toolkit is?
Not at all usefulSomewhat usefulVery useful
I thought the staff & director quotes pages were...
I thought the Arizona Exemplary Program Profiles were...
I thought the research articles and literature were...
6. How did you feel about the amount of information in the Toolkit?
Not enough informationJust enough informationToo much information
In the staff & director quotes pages, I found there to be...
In the Arizona Exemplary Program Profiles, I found there to be...
In the research articles and literature, I found there to be...
7. How easy was it to find your way around the Toolkit?
Very difficult to useSomewhat difficult, but I managedVery easy to use
I found the Toolkit...
8. How well did the links and features work in the Toolkit?
None of the timeMost of the timeAll of the time
I found that the links and features in the Toolkit worked...
9. If you ran into a problem while working with the Toolkit, please briefly describe what happened:
10. If there is anything else you would like to tell us about the Toolkit, topics to cover in future versions, useful research articles or links, or ways the Toolkit can be improved, please describe here:
11. OPTIONAL: May we contact you for more information? If so, please give us your:
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