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1. What best describes your affiliation? (Select the most appropriate answer.)
2. What best describes your occupation? (Select all that apply.)
3. About how many times have you visited, including today?
4. What is the purpose of your visit today? (Select all that apply.)
5. Did you find what you were looking for?
6. If "No", please identify what you were unable to find, or is missing, so that we may improve our site.
7. Have you used the AltTox Forums?
8. If "No", do you plan on using the forums in the future?
9. How did you find out about
10. What did you like most about
11. How can we make more useful to you?
12. Did you encounter any problems with during this or any previous visit?
13. Do you have any additional questions or comments about
14. I will visit again.
15. I will recommend to a colleague or friend.
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