Assisted Evacuation Centers

1. San Diego County Office of Emergency Services - Assisted Evacuation Centers Survey

This survey is to be completed by Adult Day Health Centers and City-Operated Senior facilities, as well as select non-profit organizations considered for use as an assisted evacuation center.

If you have questions on this survey, please e-mail or call (858) 715-2275
1. Which facility do you represent?
Select from below
Please select
2. Please provide us with a contact name, email address and phone number for your organization.
3. Does your facility have a kitchen?
4. Is your facility ADA Accessible?
5. How many of the following do you have? (if none, please enter 0)
Toilet Stalls
6. Does your facility have an area of covered open space (auditorium, gymnasium, multipurpose room)?
7. Is this facility operated out of a private home?
8. Does this facility have, or is it located adjacent to athletic fields or a large parking lot?
9. Does this facility operate with any durable medical equipment? (Wheelchairs, Hoyer Lifts, Walkers?)
10. Please tell us anything else you think we should know about your facility
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