I want a copy of Enrique's Journey

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1. Thanks for your interest in the Reading in Common selection, Enrique's Journey. We have a few questions we'd like to ask you, but how you answer them has no bearing on your eligibility to get a copy of the book. In fact, you don't have to answer them at all. We just thought while we had your attention that we'd indulge our curiosity.

First (and this is important): What is your name?
2. In which department do you teach?
3. Why do you want this book? Check all that apply.
4. What do you think of the Reading in Common program? (choose one)
5. Do you have any suggestions for the Reading in Common program?
6. Do you have any suggestions for Teachers Talking or other Kendall Center programs?
Thank you! We will send out copies of the book to the first fifty faculty members who request one.
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