2009 Out & Equal Workplace Summit Participant Survey

1. Overall Summit Experience

1. Overall, how was your experience at the 2009 Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Orlando, Florida?
Overall Experience
2. Why did you attend the 2009 Out & Equal Workplace Summit?
3. If this is your first Out & Equal Summit, how did you hear about us?
4. Including this year, how many times have you attended the Out & Equal Workplace Summit?
5. Do you plan to attend the 2010 Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Los Angeles, California?
6. Would you recommend the Out & Equal Workplace Summit to others?
7. Which city would you prefer Out & Equal's 2011 Summit to take place?
8. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following:
Online registration
On-site registration and check-in
Summit program book
Summit schedule
Availability of networking time during Summit
Welcome Reception
Wednesday Networking Receptions (i.e. People of Color Reception, Transgender Reception, Human Resources Reception)
Wednesday Night Out (Films)
Live Auction
Gala Awards Dinner (Out & Equal Workplace Awards)
9. What did you like most about the Summit?
10. What did you like least about the Summit?
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