Interest in Social Enterprise

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1. What year are you in your studies?
2. What is your major?
3. A social enterprise is defined as any business venture created for a social purpose--mitigating/reducing a social problem or a market failure--and to generate social value while operating with the financial discipline, innovation and determination of a private sector business.

Many business schools throughout the country and the world already offer courses or programs, both graduate and undergraduate, on social enterprise. This survey was created to gauge your interest in this emerging field.

Rate your interest in the following:

Attending a Social Enterprise Conference at the R.H. Smith School of business with speakers from the field and panel discussions about relevant social enterprise issues (Spring 2009).
not at all interestedvery interested- I'm there!
Rate your interest
4. Taking a Social Enterprise Course: topics will include microfinance (financial services for low income populations), venture philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, the triple-bottom line (meeting financial, social and environmental benchmarks), and emerging social enterprises.
not at all interestedvery interested
Rate your interest
5. Joining a Social Enterprise Club: professional speakers, regional conferences, and learning resources.

not at all interestedvery interested
Being a group member attending bi-weekly meetings
Having a leadership role within the group
6. Becoming a part of a Social Enterprise Fellows Program: 1 or 2 social enterprise courses, professional speaker events, site visits, and a year-long project. (Courses + Group + Project)
not at all interestedvery interested
Rate your interest
7. Where did you hear about this survey?
8. If you would like to learn more or become involved in this new initiative, please e-mail
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