Capital Improvements Program 2010-2014

1. Do you have a suggestion for a new or existing capital improvements project (CIP)? Please clearly identify the building, facility, equipment or property involved and then briefly describe what you believe is needed?
2. Please rate your level of satisfaction or concern with the following City facilities or services related to the CIP Program:
Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Somewhat Unsatisfied Unsatisfied
Pool and Aquatic Facilities
Playground Facilities
Water Facilities
Recreations Centers
Civic Center
Law Enforcement Facilites
Street Lighting
Traffic Signals
Public Parking Facilities
Recycling Drop Off Centers
Athletic Facilities
Fire Dept Equipment
Wheelchair Ramps
Bicycle Facilities
Street Pavement
Sewer Services
Drainage Facilities
3. If you have any other concerns/issues, with existing or needed city facilities please list them below.
4. When thinking about the facilites and equipment that the City has or should have, do you think the City spending is:
Too LittleAbout RightToo Much
Bicycle Facilities
New Streets or Street Widening
Airport Facilities
City Buildings
City Vehicles (Non-emergency Services)
Recreation Facilities
Pedestrian Facilities
Fire Equipment
Public Transit Facilities
Drainage Facilities
Street Maintenance
Parks Facilities
Police Buildings
Zoo Facilities
5. I would be willing to pay more for improvements to the following City facilities or services that could be funded by the CIP.
Strongly DisagreeSomewhat DisagreeSomewhat AgreeStrongly Agree
Pools and Spraygrounds
Streetscaping & Beautification
Fire Stations
Tansit (Citylink)
Athletic Fields
New Street Construction or Widening
Drainage Improvements
Recycling Centers
Traffic Signals
Fire Apparatus
Energy Efficiency Enhancements
Zoo Facilities
Wheelchair ramps
Hike and Bike Trails
Recreation Centers
Animal Shelter
Street Maintenance
6. If you would like to be contacted about this survey or are interested in receiving additional information or updates on this topic please provide the following contact information.

NOTE: All information submitted is subject to the Texas Open Records Act. Information provided (including contact information) is subject to disclosure to 3rd parties requesting it.
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