Shutterfly Feedback

1. Shutterfly Feedback

1. How did you hear about the Digital Studio at Big Picture Scrapbooking?
2. What areas of the site are most valuable to you (choose all that apply)?
3. What types of classes add the most value to you?
4. How likely are you to recommend this to a friend?
5. How often are you likely to visit this site in a month? (Greater than 5, 5x, 3-4x, 1-2x, 0 times)
6. What is the biggest obstacle to you to get started with digital scrapbooking or photobooking (check all that apply)?
7. How easy was the site to navigate (was it clear to you what to do?)
8. Are you a Shutterfly customer?
9. Are you a Big Picture Sscrapbooking member?
10. Any additional feedback:
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