Web Customer Survey

1. What Arrows do you shoot?
Mark all that apply:
2. What other Easton products do you use? Mark all that apply:
3. Where do you purchase your archery equipment?
Mark all that apply:
4. What influences your selection when purchasing arrow shafts? Please rate the following options.
1 Least Important23456 78910 Most Important
Advertising, Website or Catalog
Arrow speed & Penetration
Dealer Salesperson
Pro Shop Displays & Signs
Professional Endorsement
Quality, Durability and Straightness
5. Are you more likely to purchase arrows that your dealer sales person uses? Please rate the following options:
6. What arrow features are most important to you? Please rate the following options?
1 Least Important234567 Most Important
Aesthetics - Arrow Design, Graphics, Colors & Fletching Color
Arrow Material & Construction
Fletching Configuration - Type of Vane, Offsets, Etc.
Kinetic Energy - Heavier Arrow Weights
Penetration - Small Diameter Arrows
Speed - Light Weight Arrows
Straightness, Durability & Strength
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