Human Resources Employment Exit Interview Questionnaire

Exit Interview Questionnaire

We are interested in identifying opportunities to improve the work environment at the University of Idaho. Please respond to each of the following questions with honesty and candor. Summaries of exit responses are collected for statistical purposes and evaluated on how the university can improve the overall work environment. This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation.
1. We commit to holding all responses during the exit interview in strict confidence and will only use the data gathered in summary reports to study trends in employee turnover, and recommend enhancements and training where needed. Your specific information will not be shared without your permission.
2. How long have you worked for the UI?
3. Which factors attracted you to the University of Idaho?
4. Job Satisfaction. To what extent did you enjoy the following aspects of your job at the UI?
excellentvery goodgoodfairpoorN/A
Advancement Opportunities
Convenient Location
Meaningful Work
Quality of Supervision
Recognition of Work
Training/Educational Opportunities
Work Environment
5. Decisions to leave. To what extent did each item below influence your decision to leave the UI?
agree stronglyagreedisagreedisagree stronglyN/A
Advancement Opportunities
Better Salary
Career Opportunity
Discontinuation of Funding
Family or Personal Needs
Moving from Area
Non-renewal of Contract or Position
Quality of Supervision
Recognition of Work
To Further Education
Work Environment
Workload or Work Hours
6. Would you recommend employment at the UI to a friend or colleague?
7. Future Employment
8. What makes your future employer/position more attractive than your current position?
9. Have you completed an Employment Exit Checklist verifying the return of all assigned university assets?

10. What constructive suggestions do you have for improving employment at the UI?
11. I grant permission for my demographic information contained in question 1 of this questionnaire to be shared with others.
Thank you for your feedback.
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